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Edit: EEEEEE-!! I got in! TT v TT congrats to everyone else who got in too~
Feel free to message/note me to rp etc. but he's a sad sob so it might start off slow because he's unsociable //hit

//SOBS i'm not done yet OTL i'll be updating this right up until the deadline

Name: Tokki Mun (Real first name: TBA)
Nickname: Moon Rabbit
Age: 17 (Turning 18) 
Birthday: August 14
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 161 cm l 50 kg
Gang: ♕ The Rabbits ♕

"...Is this what commoner's eat?"

+Evasive: His specialty is running away, dodging, and hiding when in unfavorable situations.
+Quick reflexes: He's pretty agile, and reacts fast to things.
+dexterous: He developed a talent for pick-pocketing, breaking locks, and can throw objects accurately up to mid-range

-Limited strength: He may carry a titanium hammer, but he can only last 30 minutes holding it up. 
-Bad at long-range fighting and 1 vs 1+ fights
-Unmotivated: It's not that he's lazy, he just hasn't found anything that has sparked his interests/has no one to motivate him.
-Accident Prone: He's useless fighting alone, if he does he'll more than likely get injured and it'll end with him getting several cuts/bruises/etc. Surprisingly he hasn't broken any bones or gotten any fractures.
-Hesitant about sharing important information that may/may not be vital in a situation

- Main: Titanium Hammer [Status: Heavy, needs polishing]
- Sub: Stainless steel knife [Status: stolen from a restaurant kitchen, sharpened and light, easy to clean blood off]

► Quiet: Tokki is generally quiet, he's not used to socializing. But he doesn't like a silent atmosphere, it makes him over think things
► Blunt, but mostly a silent thinker: Tokki thinks a lot. What he says is pretty straightforward if your annoying to him he will tell you, and if not he will think of ways to get rid of you.
► Loyal: He might not have the greatest people-personality, but he's a pretty loyal guy. Although usually unmotivated, if his friends/members need him he'll fully support them.

► High Maintenance: Prefers people who can provide him with what he wants- honestly all he needs is food, human throne, and a friend.

+ Apples and Mochi
+ Metal objects
+ Stomping on vegetables
+ Having people carry him and/or do things for him
+ Technology and the internet

- Contact with water (besides drinking it): He hates getting wet.
- Prolonged sun exposure: He prefers nighttime.
- Vegetables: He prefers to stomp on them rather than eat them.
- Complete silence

▷ Tokki was a child of a some-what wealthy, but estranged family. His parents kept him in an isolated house, but never interacted with him- somehow still controlling his life. He reluctantly lived this way and hated it. He wanted something more, something exciting, and he wanted to interact with people. So he decided to leave, along with a large sum of his parents money, a few essentials, and his bag. 

Few years passed and he got by living off of pick-pocketing, taking shelter in abandoned buildings, and occasionally getting sympathy from wealthy adults. And as time went on Tokki thought that his life was becoming dull again, he still hadn't found anything of interest or people he could have "friendships" with.

One day as he was escaping after stealing a kitchen knife from a restaurant, he met an older boy. This boy ended up helping him hide, and afterwards they started to talk. 
Tokki didn’t talk much about himself and neither did the boy. but they got along, and he thought he might have found his first friend. That was until Tokki was caught up in an event. The older boy who he befriended was to join a group, and in order to do so he had to kill someone, unfortunately for Tokki he was his initiation target. Tokki noticed and reacted fast to run from his pursuer. But it wasn’t long until he was cornered to a dark alley, and right before he was going to get hit, Tokki took the knife he stole and lashed out.

Covered in blood Tokki walked further into the alleyway. He couldn't process what was happening, his mind and face blank. Walking further he met a strange member of a gang- The Rabbits. The member surprised him, what surprised him more was he was extended an offer to join.

► Carries bandages with him at all times
► His original hair color is a dark brown.
► His bag was modified after joining the gang.
► Tries to avoid fights, he's afraid to find out if he likes it.
► He's unsociable, but desperately wants a friend he can trust.

-Relationship: acquaintances
-Description: Tokki thinks of her as a cheery carefree, but strange girl. She's about the same height as him, and is overly familiar, he doesn't hate her or her behavior. Still cautious towards her, but is interested in her knowledge of food he's never tried before and forgets to be wary of her. Good thing they met in a neutral territory!

I'm good with Skype, Pchat, notes, etc. Feel free to rp with me //sob he needs friends
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